ART Team Building Activities in Port Elizabeth

ART Team Building Packages in Port Elizabeth

Team members who play together, stay together!

No artistic talent required!

Art Team Building is about understanding your Team Members, learning collective problem solving, and infusing FUN and WOW into your team.


Not all team members get excited about vigorous outdoor team building.

In Port Elizabeth, the Windy City and Friendly City, your Art Team Building session will not be affected by wind or rain, because our Art Team Building activities take place indoors.


Your choice of Art Team Building activities:  Art Puzzle, Mixed Media Artwork, Mosaic Artwork, Built Structure or Painted Canvas.


Our Art Team Building packages range from 1 hour to a full day.

Our Art Team Building workshops can accommodate teams from 5 to 100.


We can assist you to select a Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum Art Team Building package depending on the age of the Team Members, the length of the Team Build workshop and the Art activity you select.

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Art Team Building_Donatello
Art Team Building_Michelangelo
Art Team Building_Leonardo

We look forward to fun interactive learning with you and your team!

Art Team Building_Raphael
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