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Special Offer for 18 June to 5 July 2019


Our indoor Art Holiday Programme Activities keeps minds & hands creatively active!  

Art Holiday Programme from 18 June to 5 July 2019: 
Day 1 09h30–11h30 Tues 18 June: Drawing Facial Expressions
Day 2 09h30–11h30 Wed 19 June: Drawing People
Day 3 09h30–11h30 Thur 20 June: Drawing Action Poses
Day 4 09h30–11h30 Fri 21 June: Drawing Hands and Feet
Day 5 09h30–11h30 Mon 24 June: Drawing Movement
Day 6 09h30–11h30 Tues 25 June: Drawing Houses and Buildings
Day 7 09h30–11h30 Wed 26 June: Inventing a Superhero
Day 8 09h30–11h30 Thur 27 June: Drawing Rockets, Planes, Ships and Cars
Day 9 09h30–11h30 Fri 28 June: Poster Lettering
Day 10 09h30–11h30 Mon 1 July: Drawing a Story
Day 11 09h30–11h30 Tues 2 July: Cartoon Lettering
Day 12 09h30–11h30 Wed 3 July: Drawing Cats and Dogs
Day 13 09h30–11h30 Thur 4 July: Fashion Designing
Day 14 09h30–11h30 Fri 5 July: Drawing Dragons and Dinosaurs

Who can attend:  All ages, Learners on break and Adults on Leave, from potty-trained to retired. Parents are welcome to stay or drop and go.

Fees:  R60 per hour per person (regular students who attend Art classes during the term R55 per hour), with all Art-making tools and materials provided. 

Times:  Choose your times and days. During the School Holidays, we are open 08h30 to 17h30 on Weekdays, as well as Saturday mornings 08h30 to 12h30 (earlier or later times can be arranged) we are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Art taught in addition to scheduled Art activities:
Drawing: Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Pencil Crayon, Pen; Perspective Drawing, Pencil Crayon; 
Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolour; 
Calligraphy; 3-D Object Construction; Collage and Mixed Media; Clothing Decorating & Fabric Painting; Mosaic; Beadwork & Jewellery-Making; Cartooning and Superheroes; Pop-Up Images; Vision Boarding; Paper Quilling; Paper Crafts; and more! 

What to bring: a snack, cold drink, and an old T-shirt for messy art projects. 

We fill up fast therefore booking is essential! 
We look forward to Holiday ART with you and your children and wish you a super creative day!

071 475 9159

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+27 71 475 9159

96 Hurd Street, Newton Park, between 5th and 6th Avenues, Port Elizabeth, 6045, South Africa

Open Mondays to Saturdays