Skills Development in Port Elizabeth

We offer comprehensive Soft Skills Development services including Staff Training Workshops, Art Team Building, and Facilitated Planning.

Half-Day Soft Skills Training Workshops

School Disciplinarian Staff Enrichment Programme
Attendees of this 4-hour programme will learn ways to improve classroom management skills and overall school discipline, thereby reducing escalation and repeat offences. You will learn techniques to positively influence ‘at-risk’ Learners. This programme is designed and facilitated by a former combined school principal and is compliant with South African School legislation. Delegates will gain Conflict Resolution, Persuasion, Motivation and Inspiration techniques to facilitate improved behaviour and academic performance. Run once per Term for PS and HS or facilitated in-house.


Assertiveness and Negotiation Skills Training
When we fail to get our viewpoints, suggestions or ideas across, we walk away feeling like we have lost. We are letting down ourselves as well as others who can benefit from our contribution. This programme will empower you with ways to be more assertive thereby developing a win-win approach to your communication and negotiation style and adding value to operational improvement.


Business Proposal Writing Skills Training
Excellent Proposal Writing Skills are essential in order to successfully pitch an idea to investors or to request funding. Future projects depend on your proposal document and you have only one chance to get it right. This practical programme will equip you with skills to organise content, improve formatting, and select appropriate words. This workshop is interactive and worksheets, checklists and templates will be provided to delegates. 


Change Management Skills Training
Change management is an important process for organisations to achieve sustainable results. Attendees of this programme will learn the competencies of an effective change agent and critical success factors for organisational change. Delegates will gain the methodologies and tools for effective change management. This includes a practical model and how to overcome resistance to change.


Customer Service Skills Training
Customers often judge the entire organisation on their assessment of the service they receive. A good reputation is important for attracting future customers and investors. Competitors may match your prices or products, but an outstanding customer service ethic could become your differentiation factor. This programme will empower delegates with the skills towards giving your organisation a competitive edge through superior customer service.


Delegation Skills Training
Effective delegation is essential to increase productivity and fully utilise human resources. Lack of delegation is a top time-waster and time is money. The good news is that right mix of letting go and control is a skill that can be learned. This programme will equip delegates with the approach and implementation steps towards achieving effective delegation.


Emotional Intelligence Skills Training

The workplace demands that we are professional and productive. Being either too emotionally charged or too emotionally drained, slows us down and negatively affects relationships. This workshop will show you how to identify and manage your own emotions and thereby be able to respond appropriately to others’ emotions in order to develop positive relationships. Improved emotional intelligence and resilience fosters better communication and consistency in our working environment.


Event Project Management Skills Training

Your brand is on the line whether it is a trade show, conference, exhibition, product launch, outing, celebration, social, festival, sports or cultural event. Every ‘T’ must be crossed and every ‘I’ must be dotted in order to close the gap between expectations and perceptions. This programme will provide practical steps, tools and techniques to run an event with quality results.


Generational Diversity Skills Training
We currently have 4 Generations active in the workplace from Baby Boomers to Generations X, Y and Z. Each generation has different, and sometimes conflicting, attitudes, values, ideas and approaches to work. The purpose of this training programme is to create awareness, foster understanding, improve communication and shift paradigms so that our differences can become strengths rather than frustrating obstacles to workflow. Delegates will gain practical value which they can immediately implement for a more productive workplace.


Innovation Development Training    
The fruits of an innovative culture include revolutionary patents, improved service delivery, solutions-driven designs, and smarter ways of doing everyday tasks. These improve revenues. Even creative people experience blocks. This programme equips you with techniques to make innovation the norm and to maintain high levels of creativity.


Interpersonal Competency Training    
Effective communication is at the heart of all our professional and personal relationships. This programme will provide an understanding of communication styles and preferences of ourselves, our colleagues and our clients. You will learn why we sometimes miscommunicate, misunderstand, and push the wrong buttons. You will gain practical techniques to communicate more effectively and assertively. 


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development and Measurement Training    
An organization or project without clear and communicated goals, plans and measurements, is like sailing without a rudder. You will move but be buffeted by the winds haphazardly to and fro. This programme will provide you with the skills and measurement tools to reach your destination via the quickest route and with all passengers aboard.


Leadership Skills Training
Never has this world begged for better leaders than at this time. The complex facets of the Dark side and the Right side of leadership are examined. Leadership myths are exposed. Leadership is more of an art than a science and this programme provides insight to the values and behaviours which will make you a great leader. 


Management Skills Training
The role of a manager is challenging because the greater part of the job is dealing with people and our human resources cannot be controlled like other resources. This workshop does not involve copious management theories but cuts to the chase by providing practical to-the-point tried and tested universal truths about organizational communities of people. 


Marketing and Branding Skills Training
Your products and services are competing in a sea of competition. Marketing remains on the National scarce skills list because it gets muddled up with sales and there are constant industry changes. As your organisation grows and your brand evolves, your brand can become watered down. This programme will equip marketing staff with skills to woo and wow your customers.


Meeting Minute-Taking  / Chairing Skills Training
Business meetings loose effectiveness when they are not well planned and recorded. This workshop will equip you with tips and techniques for productive and meaningful minute-taking. Unfortunately meetings feature consistently in the list of top time-wasters. Meetings are essential to further an organisation’s operations but become meaningless when they are not effectively run. This workshop will equip you with tips and techniques for productive, focused and meaningful meetings.


Mentorship Skills Training
Staff in new positions, interns and new staff members need mentors. Assigned mentors know the job but may be new to the mentorship role. If increased productivity, decreased mistakes and staff retention are the desirable results, then mentorship training is essential and this programme will provide the skills. 


Motivating Performance Training
Performance is defined as 'functional effectiveness'. Nonperformance is defined as ‘dysfunctional ineffectiveness’. Learn techniques to sustain our own motivation and level out the Pareto principle of 80/20 so that the entire team is motivated to accomplish tasks and projects according to schedule. 


Negotiation and Conflict Management Training
The only way to avoid conflict is to never say or do anything. This programme will provide you with several methods to deal with conflict including how to manage serious conflict that has escalated. These skills will empower you to replace anger, frustration, anxiety and mistrust with a win-win resolution which leads to increased productivity.


Presentation Skills Training
Presenting in front of colleagues, clients and various stakeholders can be daunting. Practice does not always make it perfect because we unknowingly repeat the same mistakes. Learn how to present with confidence and impact. 


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills Training
Problems can be opportunities or threats and if misinterpreted could lead to downtime and disaster. In the same way, autocratic dictatorial leaders have lead organisations to breaking point. It is worth the time to learn and internalise steps to take when problems arise and decisions are demanded. This workshop is both practical and interactive so that delegates will be empowered to implement steps confidently and swiftly.


Receptionist and Greeter Professionalism Training
Your organisation’s first impression will never be forgotten. This programme will assist receptionists to build rapport with visitors and callers. Receptionist should look and be calm and we cover techniques to self-manage and stay organised. Delegates will know how to interact with all stakeholders professionally and politely, even in difficult situations.


Sales and Brand Ambassador Skills Training
Your products and services are competing in a sea of competition. The sales force is your frontline and make or break relationships and ultimately bring in the revenue! This interactive programme will provide many tips and tools for both internal and external sales staff as well as new and experienced sales team members to escalate success.


Stress Management Skills Training
Professionally and personally, we all have so much on our plate. As the corporate world becomes increasingly competitive and deadline-driven, less allowances are made for the feelings of individuals. Gain techniques to handle everything thrown our way, to function in multi-tasking chaos, and not loose ourselves in the journey. Learn to work with a de-stress tool to regain balance and look forward to a busy schedule. 


Telephone Etiquette and Netiquette Skills Training
The perception of our communication directly affects the perception of the orgaisation we represent. As soon as we pick up the phone, we accept 100% of the responsibility for the call. Telephonic and written correspondence may be the first contact with your customers, and it should not be the last. This interactive workshop will equip delegates with the skills to control what they say and how they say it. 
Time Management Skills Training
Time cannot be stored or stopped and every minute that passes is gone forever. As such, time is the most valuable of all resources and the only way to maximise its potential is to manage it well. This programme will equip you with strategies and methods towards improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Workplace Skills Planning (WSP) Training 
According to a national legal mandate, every employer must submit their Workplace Skills Plan to their primary focus Seta by 30 April every year. Correct and timely submission of the WSP is central to the payment of mandatory grants and national research on skills. Failure to do so leads to forfeiting opportunities for grants. There are codes, tables and terminologies to navigate. This programme assists organisations to make the submission process smooth and on time.

Art Team Building Workshop

- Art Team Building; from 1-hour to Full Day Packages

Team members who play together, stay together! This Team building is about collective problem solving and infusing FUN and WOW into your team! Team members are guaranteed to leave energised and excited to apply proven winning strategies for improving morale, ideation and workflow i.e. a healthy balance of their social, intellectual and physical input which benefits team results.

Facilitated Planning

• As each organization is unique, a scope will be agreed upon prior to the planning session.
• One working day of interactive work with the management team.
• Typed draft presented to the organisation’s management team within 2 to 3 working days after the session.
• Final document presented to management within 2 to 3 working days after all input of draft copy received.

A. Strategic Planning

B. Business Planning

C. Scenario Planning

A. When an organization wants to revise or create their Business Plan, management should begin with Strategic Planning. The process of Strategic Planning results in defining competitive advantage, clearly describes an organization’s overall and overriding core purpose, structure, mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives. The Strategic Plan can become the introductory section of a Business Plan as it sets strategic direction for the organisation.

B. In order to either create or update a Business Plan, an organization should already have a clear vision, mission, related values, and strategic objectives. A Business Plan is a communication tool for internal operations and for raising capital. It clearly describes business actions for a specified period. A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) should be piloted which assists to determine priorities in terms of industry and market positioning. From this, the organization also describes its capacity development and strategic operations.

C. When an organization has a sound Business Plan which is used as a communication tool, and everyone in the organization talks and walks the vision, mission and values, they may be ready for Scenario Planning. The result of Scenario planning is rediscovering the original entrepreneurial power of creative foresight in contexts of accelerated change, greater complexity, and genuine uncertainty. A Scenario Plan results from the management team following a facilitated process and forms one of the support documents for your Business Plan. The advantage of Scenario Planning is that the process prepares for the unthinkable by asking ‘why?’, ‘why not?’, ‘what?’ and ‘what if?’. A good Scenario Plan details answers to the right questions and promotes proaction rather than reaction.


We look forward to interactive learning with you and your team!

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