Soft Skills Training and Skills Development in Port Elizabeth

Our business is to make your business succeed! Your business will benefit when your staff receive practical, solutions-driven and leading edge information from our Soft Skills Training Workshops and comprehensive Skills Development products and services. We have 20+ years of experience in the adult training environment, locally, nationally and internationally and continue to evolve in this fast-paced, ever changing and competitive business world.


Skills Development products and services:

- Half-Day Training Workshops
- Full-Day Art Team Building
- Facilitated Planning

2019 Calendar of Soft Skills Training

These half-Day Workshops can be facilitated In-house or as Lunch and Learn Sessions!

01 Feb - Workplace Skills Planning (WSP)
08 Feb - Time Management
19 Feb - School Leadership & Disciplinarian
15 Feb - Generational Diversity Management
22 Feb - Interpersonal Competency
01 Mar - Change Management
08 Mar - Stress Management
15 Mar - Telephone Etiquette and Netiquette
22 Mar - Key Performance Indicator Development & Measurement
29 Mar - Mentorship Skills  
05 Apr - Motivating Performance 
12 Apr - Delegation Skills
26 Apr - Assertiveness Skills
03 May - Receptionist Professionalism
10 May - Business Proposal Writing
15 May - School Leadership & Disciplinarian
17 May - Negotiation & Conflict Management
24 May - Customer Service
31 May - Sales Skills
07 Jun - Management Skills
14 Jun - Leadership Skills
21 Jun - Problem Solving & Decision-Making
28 Jun - Presentation Skills
05 Jul - Meeting Minute-Taking
12 Jul - Meeting Chairing
19 Jul - Innovation Development
26 Jul - Time Management
02 Aug - Event Project Management
14 Aug - School Leadership & Disciplinarian
16 Aug - Change Management
23 Aug - Stress Management
30 Aug - Motivating Performance 
06 Sep - Interpersonal Competency
13 Sep - Customer Service
20 Sep - Delegation Skills
27 Sep - Receptionist Professionalism
04 Oct - Sales Skills
11 Oct - Marketing and Branding
16 Oct - School Leadership & Disciplinarian
18 Oct - Management Skills
25 Oct - Leadership Skills
01 Nov - Problem Solving & Decision-Making
08 Nov - Meeting Minute-Taking
15 Nov - Meeting Chairing
22 Nov - Motivating Performance 
29 Nov - Telephone Etiquette and Netiquette
06 Dec - Interpersonal Competency
13 Dec - Stress Management


Training Enquiriy or Booking:

Art Team Building in Port Elizabeth

Team members who play together, stay together!

No artistic talent required!

Art Team Building is more about collective problem solving and infusing FUN and WOW into your team.


Teams are made up of individuals therefore better understanding of ourselves and colleagues improves cohesion in your workplace. Discover which Ninja Turtle / Renaissance Artist you and your colleagues are (Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo or Raphael) and how this hinders or aids teamwork and workflow.


Our competitive business world is led by teams and individuals who can innovate and creatively solve problems. Learn how to Ideastorm which is a group creative process where people collaborate to shift paradigms and generate new perspectives.


When your team is in the physical act of creating a work or art, group dynamics are redesigned due to the need to cooperate to accomplish a unified composition. We end the fun day of teambuilding with recognition of each team members’ contribution to their magical masterpiece.


Team members are guaranteed to leave energised and excited to apply proven winning strategies for improving morale, ideation and workflow i.e. a healthy balance of their social, intellectual and physical input which benefits team results. This balance contributes to a desirable corporate culture.


Not all team members get excited about vigorous outdoor team building, so this completely original programme is designed to be a fun-filled learning experience for everyone. Our Team Building can comfortably accommodate teams from 5 to 25.


In Port Elizabeth, the Windy City, the Art Team Building session you have booked with us is not affected by wind or rain. Our Art Team Building activities take place indoors, and are one day or a half day in duration.

Art Team Building_Donatello
Art Team Building_Michelangelo
Art Team Building_Leonardo
Art Team Building_Raphael

 We look forward to interactive learning with you and your team!

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